First audio release!

2013-02-16 15:45:22 by SKILLZmakeKILLZ

1st: Just posted a new release under my record label:
SmK - Ascension
click to listen

2nd:Subscribe to my Youtube Channel for Full songs that I will release and no previews.

3rd: My new album : Intensity is now available on iTunes, Zune, Amazon MP3, and Google Music Store. This of course means you can buy each individual song for 99 cents if you don't want to commit to a whole album.

Here's the link to those if your thinking to your self "I have to buy that awesome album/songs"
you could go to the site and search "skillzmakekillz"

OR click the following links below

Amazon MP3
Google Music Store


Complexity (Album Single)
Album Preview - Intensity

First audio release!


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2013-02-16 16:07:21

Tronrabuprashuns on your record label.

SKILLZmakeKILLZ responds:

lol what does that mean


2013-02-16 16:11:54's a college word

SKILLZmakeKILLZ responds:

thanks buddy!


2013-02-16 20:44:55

You know what you guys should do? I think it's time for you guys to get adventurous and do some 3/4 or 5/4 time songs! I wonder how that'd turn out?

SKILLZmakeKILLZ responds:

interesting idea


2013-02-17 21:20:22

I like Zirocket's idea but you could be even more adventurous and do 6/8 or 12/8 or you could really challenge your self and do 7/8 or 9/8. 7/8 or 9/8 would be extremely hard but could turn out really cool.

SKILLZmakeKILLZ responds:

0.0 sounds like you guys are just naming out random numbers ! :3


2013-02-25 19:58:44

You should do all the compound meters!!!


2013-03-05 20:48:42

Hey, I FINALLY bought Intensity, and I'd just like to say that it was very well done. I've always liked you guys for your rather upbeat style of trancy-techno-dance stuff, and you've stayed true to that! So, thanks! It was worth the money.

SKILLZmakeKILLZ responds:

thanks for getting it! im glad you werent disappointed, we worked hard on it (: