Next song release date :)

2013-05-22 19:40:20 by SKILLZmakeKILLZ

Here's a little sneak peak of my next song <3


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2013-05-22 21:30:50

Hey, did you realize that you are 4 away from 1,000?

SKILLZmakeKILLZ responds:

:D yea, big milestone


2013-05-22 21:38:06

Stop teasing us.

SKILLZmakeKILLZ responds:

no :p


2013-05-24 13:05:58

OMG HOW I DIDN'T FAN YOU YET D: i have all your songs on my ipod and i forgot to fan you ... i feel like a idiot , on the bright side i'm your 999th fan :D

SKILLZmakeKILLZ responds:

:D better late than never


2013-05-25 11:53:47

please tell me what audio software i can use :(