New EDM song with female vocals

2013-12-21 23:51:10 by SKILLZmakeKILLZ

As the title says, we just released a new song with vocals, check it out and enjoy!



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2013-12-21 23:56:34

Very cool song SmK it's amazing


2013-12-22 00:21:50

Man you're so lucky, I've been wanting a vocalist for a week now, where can i find a vocalist. :'(


2013-12-23 07:43:50

as always ... It fascinates me, always loved your dance and trance (which no longer an echo more trance btw ='() David Guetta dies of envy, well ... clear for my taste.=
como siempre... me FASCINA, siempre me encanto su dance y su trance (que ya no an echo mas trance por cierto ='() David Guetta muere de envidia, bueno... para mi gusto claro.